Banish Burnout and Blossom in

3 Simple Steps

  • Tuesday Oct 5th at 1 pm Irish

Burnout for women leaders working with people is real but not inevitable 

Discover how I have helped hundreds of women across human care professions to banish burnout, soften stress, and to step into real success in all areas of their lives with my evidence based three step formula.

  • Burnout can sneak up on you

     I know this. I have been there. Burnout usually sneaks up on us.We might have some awareness of work related stress, but we usually ignore the signs for as long as possible, often for too long.


    This Webinar is for you if you are:

    • Lacking concentration
    • Mentally and physically fatigued
    • Regularly getting frustrated/annoyed/angry 
    • Loosing pride in your work
    • Having panic attacks, or incidents of high anxiety
    • Asking yourself ‘How could a competent, resourceful, compassionate, leader like me find myself so stuck and unhappy?’
    • If you think you do not have the time or are telling yourself that now is not the time. 


    This might actually be your moment to notice where you are on the stress- depletion – burnout continuum, and to give yourself some of the care and attention that you that you professionally give to others all day everyday.

  • Right now I want you to ask yourself these three powerful questions  

    When will be the perfect time for you to give 

     yourself the attention you crave?


    What advice would you offer a younger 

    colleague  heading down the same road to



    How would it feel to be passionate about your work, excited about your ability to help others, ambitious for your future, coping well with challenges, and also blossoming in all areas of your life?

  • Learn the three steps from my unique formula that  you can immediately implement in your daily life to change your experience of stress


    1) How to develop hardcore resilience with simple selfcare techniques- even if you have no time

    2) How to soften the harsh inner critic- even if you have tried unsuccessfully before 

    3) How to bring self compassion into your everyday -even if you have no clue why or how to.


    A Special Bonus

      When you join me on this webinar you will also learn a simple evidence based practise to manage stress and overwhelm as you go through your day – even when you have not  one extra moment to spare.


Karen Power

Children's Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher

When you are busy with ideas and life's stresses, Dee brings this sense of calm and has a natural ability to ground you so you can move forward from a better place. I highly recommend Dee, her professional and friendly approach inspires people to be their best.


Katie Hourigan

Regional Coordinator

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland

I would highly recommend Dee Hennessy as a passionate and experienced mindfulness teacher. She has years of practice supporting people working in in human care organisations and community groups in how we respond to stress and improve our well-being. Availing of Dee’s service as in investment in yourself. My work has benefited for it as has as my personal life.

Dorothy Surrett-Thomas

Programme Coordinator

The Irish Cancer Society

I found Dee to be considerate and gentle as she moved some fairly significant mountains! I was so impressed by her commitment and style that I  joined a her mindful transformation programme. I was even further impressed by Dee's attention to detail and thoroughness.  I will definitely join Dee again in the future and would recommend that you do as well!

Meet your Presenter

  •  Master Facilitator, Mindful Mindset Coach, and Supervisor

    I am senior Mindfulness Coach and Cross Professional Supervisor committed to supporting passionate women who work with people to banish burnout, to find balance, and to blossom. With a background in Social Care and Community Development, I experienced myself and witnessed in others the depletion, demotivation, and complete exhaustion that come as we approach burnout. For many years I focussed on researching the high human cost of being a leader in the human care professions. I have  studied with leaders of both Western and Eastern Wisdom traditions, as well as having a full immersion in the neuroscience underpinning current secular mindfulness practise. 

    I have supported hundreds of women to date to manage stress and overwhelm for themselves with evidence based simple transformative actions from my unique  three step formula.